How will Camp Rainbow Gold purchase the property?

We are fortunate to have a great foundation of generous supporters.

Are you spending too much on the property?

No. It meets our needs and we have an appraisal that indicated the property is valued at more than we are paying.

Where will the money come from to build a camp?

We are in the planning stages of an effort to secure the philanthropic support necessary for building the camp. Our community has been extremely generous and is the reason that we are able to provide camp at no cost to the families we serve.

Now more than ever, children in Idaho diagnosed with cancer need the community's help to allow them to continue experiencing summer camp and create joyful memories that will last a lifetime. 

What is the long-term value of owning a property?

We will no longer have to pay to lease a camp facility, which is a substantial portion of our program budget. We will also be able to build a medical camp, which eliminates the cost of trying to supplement the facilities we currently lease. 

Most importantly, the greatest value is we will be able to support more children with cancer and their families. 

Are you spending donor dollars on attorneys?

No. All our legal team and some of our consultants are donating their time.