Are the roads adequate for evacuation in case of fire?

Yes. Mike Ellie, the Fire Chief and Tom Acona, the District Fire Marshall, have been consulted on the road and determined that in its current condition, it is adequate for safe evacuation with no adjustments necessary. 

We have also worked with experts to develop an evacuation plan that minimizes the amount of traffic leaving camp in such a scenario and increases safety for camp attendees and the surrounding community. 

Will camp traffic clog the road in case of mandatory fire evacuation?

We have a comprehensive fire plan advised by Tom Johnson, retired Rural Ketchum Fire District Chief. The plan includes early evacuation when possible and necessary to mitigate any impacts from evacuation of camp on the surrounding community.

Therefore, our experts have concluded that our location in East Fork and any traffic associated with an evacuation will not clog the road. 

Is the property “firewise”?

Yes. Firewise protocols and the 2015 International Wildland Urban Interface Code will be followed as stated in our Wildfire Mitigation Plan prepared by Mike Pellant, Rangeland Solutions LLC. 

Do you have a fire evacuation plan?

In partnership with Tom Johnson and the Ketchum Rural Fire District Marshall, we have prepared a Fire Evacuation Procedure. The procedure was designed with the safety of camp attendees and the surrounding community as the foremost concern.

The wildlife mitigation plan and evacuation procedures have been conclusively endorsed by Tom Johnson and the Ketchum Rural Fire District Marshall.