How will owning a camp improve your programming?

Owning a camp allows us to expand and develop our programs to reach more children with cancer and their families. 

Will this property provide a safer camp?

Yes. This property will eliminate the need to transport children offsite for activities and will allows us to tailor our camp to specific medical needs of our children.

Why are you building a 200-bed facility if the camp you lease has 200-beds and you have outgrown it?

Our goal is to add additional weeks of camp, not campers to current camps. We do not exceed 80 campers during weeklong camp sessions and 140 campers during our family retreats. We will maintain this capacity as advised by our medical partners.

These numbers do not include our staff or volunteers. With staff and volunteers included, we do not exceed 200 beds. 

When will the new camp open?

There is no specific date for opening, however we would hope to be open in the next two to four years.