How many days will the camp be in use?

A maximum of 150 days per year. Camps will run May-October, there are no winter camps.

What is the growth plan?

When camp starts up on the property we will open with 43 days of Camp Rainbow Gold usage and build up to at least 75 days during open months. Camp Rainbow Gold will always use the camp at least 50% of the allowed 150 days. We will lease only to similar camps that run programs for medically fragile children and their families.

Who will manage the experience of the lessees while on the property?

The CRG property manager will live on the site year-round. The site manager, kitchen staff, and property maintenance staff will always be on site when the camp is used by third-parties. During active camp weeks, these CRG representatives will be responsible for ensuring these organizations follow the guidelines as defined in the CUP and our ACA accreditation.

How many people will be on the property during peak times?

A maximum of 200 people inclusive of campers, staff and volunteers.

Why are you building a 200-bed facility if the camp you lease has 200-beds and you have outgrown it?

Our goal is to add additional weeks of camp, not campers to current camps. We do not exceed 60-80 campers during weeklong camp sessions and 130-140 campers during family camps. When campers come with their family, we can pare down our staff (they have their family to help), so we still never go over 200 on-site at any given time.

Will this property provide a safer camp?

Yes. This property will eliminate the need to transport children off-site for activities and will allow us to tailor our camp to the specific medical needs of the children.

When will you open?

There is no specific date for opening; however, we would hope to be open in the next three to five years. In the meantime, camp will continue running at Cathedral Pines, which we lease summer to summer.

What is the Med Shack?

Affectionately called our “Med Shack,” this is where the campers come for their medications and any camp-related medical assistance. Through our partnership with St Luke’s MSTI Pediatric Clinic, we are able to provide medical supervision and support on site. Our medical team includes a PNP Medical Coordinator, an oncologist physician Medical Director and a volunteer Med Shack team that typically consists of no less than four additional nurses and a social worker. These individuals supervise and administer everything from complex medication regimens to incidents as simple as a bee sting.

Is the necessity of proximity to St. Luke’s for medical emergencies?

No. The primary reasons for needing to be close to the hospital involves submitting lab work and acquiring medication for our campers. In the rare instance we do have an emergency we would bring the camper or volunteer to the hospital. Since our existence as a camp we have had few occurrences where emergency medical care was needed.