Will you lease the facility to other groups?

We are planning to lease the camp to other medical youth camps or mission-similar groups serving the needs of children operating under a director. 

What about your Winter Family Retreat? 

When we developed our vision, we had hoped to keep our current Winter Family Retreat as part of our programming. Several factors have required us to reevaluate this, ultimately deciding to not utilize camp November through April. The roads during winter months pose too great of risk for families and volunteers. In order to better utilize our resources, we will have a family retreat in the fall. 

Will the camp be a blight on the landscape?

No. The camp will be built to compliment surrounding aesthetics. 

How many days will the camp be in use?

A maximum of 150 days per year between the months of May through October.

How many people will be on the property during peak times?

A maximum of 200 people, including campers, volunteers and staff. This is the size necessary to provide a safe camp to Idaho’s children diagnosed with cancer and their families.

In addition to campers, a safe camp environment requires Camp Rainbow Gold staff, volunteers and medical professionals. These are the types of individuals that comprise the limited number of 200 individuals during peak times. 

Will you disturb the neighbors?

No. More than 90 percent of the 275 acres will be open space to create ample noise and sight buffers with the neighbors. We will follow all noise ordinances. 

Will camp produce light pollution?

Our proposed plans are designed to minimize light pollution. In addition, we will follow all aspects and comply with the dark sky ordinance.