property & zoning

What is the property currently zoned for?

The property is Zoned RR-40, Rural Remote District. The RR-40 zoning allows for:

  1. Timber production, mining, grazing and other agricultural purposes.
  2. Open space recreational use.
  3. Wildlife reserves.
  4. Single-family residential use.

What are the conditional uses for this property?

We have applied for a Conditional Use Permit (CUP) to allow us to use the land for a Retreat, (listed I below). There are many uses that are allowed with a Conditional Use Permit. The full list of allowable uses under the Conditional Use Permit are below.


Conditional uses for the RR-40 district include the following:

A. Public outdoor recreational facilities.

B. Sanitary landfills.

C. Public or private airfields.

D. Public utility installations, not including business offices, repair or storage facilities.

E. Temporary use of a mobile home during construction of a permanent dwelling for a period not to exceed one year.

F. Mills for refining mining ore.

G. Public campgrounds when screened or hidden from view from public highways.

H. Gravel or shale pits, and asphalt batch plants.

I. Retreats.

J. Mobile homes and trailers on patented mining or mill site claims. Mobile homes or trailers will be allowed for purposes of a shop, office, or for housing for a caretaker or watchman.

K. Group day care facilities.

L. Public works gravel or shale pits and public works asphalt plants.

M. Mining activity on private property within the mountain overlay district is subject to a mountain overlay district site alteration permit.

N. Accessory dwelling unit.  

O. Wireless communication facilities.