property & zoning

Does the property require zoning?

No. The property is already zoned for a retreat.

Why are you applying for a conditional use permit?

We still have an obligation to the county to define the terms under which we can use the property.

How many buildings will be on site?

25-30. This includes cabins and facilities such as a dining hall, reflection center, medical facility, welcome center and nature center. 

What will the buildings look like?

All buildings will be single story, understated cabins and buildings. These will be designed to blend with the environment. 

Is the proximity to St. Luke's for medical emergencies? 

No. The primary reasons for needing to be close to the hospital involves submitting lab work and acquiring medication for our campers. In the instance we do have an emergency, we would bring the camper or volunteer to the hospital. During the course of our existence as a camp, we have had few instances where emergency medical care was needed at St. Luke's Wood River Medical Center. 

Through our partnership with St. Luke's MSTI Pediatric Clinic, we provide medical supervision and support on site. 

Our medical team includes a PNP Medical Coordinator, an oncologist physician Medical Director and a volunteer Med Shack team that typically consists of no less than four additional nurses and a social worker. These individuals supervise and administer complex medication regimens, including chemotherapy, at camp. The medical team of doctors and nurses have medical supplies on site to treat a camper for the most common illnesses that they are most likely to experience.