Roads & traffic

How much traffic is anticipated at the peak of camp season?

During camp season, we anticipate an average of 30 vehicle trips per day, or 15 to camp and 15 leaving camp. Once onsite for camp, campers and volunteers typically do not leave except in the event of an emergency. As a result, we are able to minimize the traffic to and from camp. We will continue to be diligent and efficient to minimize usage of East Fork Road through carpooling and park and ride options. 

Do you have a traffic mitigation plan?

Yes. A plan has been prepared by AECOM that includes carpooling and park and ride efforts to help keep traffic to a minimum.  

What kind of vehicles will be on the road?

We utilize high occupancy vehicles like buses and vans, as well as cars. 

Will you pave East Fork Road?

Through our evaluation of the East Fork property, we have partnered with experts to study East Fork Road and its ability to handle our proposed traffic plan. We have been advised that East Fork Road can accommodate our proposed traffic plan without being paved. 

Will you plow the roads in the winter?

We will work with the neighbors as the current owners have in sharing the cost to maintain the roads.  

Does the road require widening?

Based on evaluation by experts, East Fork Road does not need to be widened to accommodate our use of the road. As with all aspects of the proposed project, we will continually work with our advisors, Blaine County and East Fork neighbors to constantly monitor conditions of the road and be a participant in discussions. 

Is the property close enough to medical care?

Yes. Our medical experts have advised that the property is in reasonable emergency proximity to St. Luke’s Wood River Valley Medical Center.