Water & Sewer

Where will you get your water?

A domestic well will be installed following all regulatory guidelines.

Will area wells be affected?

A groundwater analysis and effect on surrounding wells has been provided.  Our consultants have studied this potential issue and no impact is anticipated.

How much water will this facility use?

We estimate our facility will use 10,000 gallons per day for domestic water when at maximum capacity. The water use may range from as low as 4,000 gallons to 10,000 gallons during the 150 days of possible use of the facility during the months of May through October.  

Will children receiving medical treatment negatively affect the water quality in the area?

This issue has been carefully studied by our consultants and there is no risk to area water quality. We will follow all Idaho Department of Environmental Quality regulations for the disposal of medical waste.

Will the previously existing mine in Triumph affect the water quality at the camp site?

No. The property is up-gradient from the mine site. IDEQ has cleared this property of contamination from the mine.

Are you taking spring flooding into account?

Yes, a detailed flood study has been provided for the site. All structures have been positioned well outside and above the 100 year flood elevation to accommodate potential flooding on the property.  In addition, the flooding on area roads has been studied.  The affected areas have previously been built up and additional culvert capacity has been added. In the case of an emergency, we have specific flood protocols and evacuation plans that address flood situations.