Wetlands & wILDLIFE

Are there wetlands on the property?


Are you going to build on wetlands?

No, we will not build on natural wetlands. An access road for fire may be built on currently irrigated-induced wetlands. We are working with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to make sure we comply with all wetlands rules, restrictions and best practices.  

Will you mitigate for any construction on the wetlands?

Yes, if necessary. 

Will you preserve existing wetlands?

Our plans include the preservation of the land and its natural beauty, including wetlands, as means for providing a peaceful, nature-filled environment for our campers.

Working with our designers and wetlands environmental specialist, we have protected existing natural wetlands, created additional wetlands and programmed camp buildings in such a way to enhance the aesthetics of the adjacent natural wetlands. Structures that will become part of the property will fit naturally into the landscape and complement the environment. 

Do you have a wildlife mitigation plan?

Yes. Wildlife mitigation is included in our site plan. We will have bear-proof amenities and will act responsibly in preserving natural wildlife.